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Softlink solution is an official Application developing , web designing, Logo Designing services providing company located in Calicut Kerala India. With a specific vision for making affordable Application, web sites for Micro, Small & Medium entrepreneurs, Individuals, Groups, Families, Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Training Institutes, Trusts, Charitable Organizations, Pravasi Associations etc., to show and manage their products and services to the world .

Within a short span of period Soft link solution extended our services all over the world and develop several windows applications, web applications and websites for our overseas and local clients as per their requirements. We have been providing our services across the Globe through our marketing associates in all over globe.

Why with us?

We are working hard to encourage and promote the business through quality applications and web sites at affordable prices.

We are a team of experts who are professionals in application developing, website designing, logo designing services to our valued customers, we also have number of article writers who are serving the company as free lancers.

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We work harder,
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Softlink solution is a leading web and software solutions Company that can provide you with a complete range of Products & solutions which help in improving your business by attracting more customers to raise your profits. We have many satisfied customers of all sizes ranging from startups to large enterprises who realize they need a professional internet solution which is vital to any business generates revenue streams, establishes communication channels and streamline business activity or operations. We delivers comprehensive web and software services ranging from custom website & Software design to development of complex software systems. To maximize your competitive edge and productivity, our experts combine business domain knowledge with latest technology competence and proven methodologies to deliver you with high quality results.

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar

Muhammed Sinan

Muhammed Sinan

Chief Executive Officer
Praveen Roy

Praveen Roy

Business Development Officer
Passion leads to design, design leads to performance,
performance leads to success! Sean Themes, Developer Teams in Malaysia

Our Services

As it is known, it is very important for each profitable company to hire respectable and trusted employees. One of the necessary employees of any business is a professionally developed software and website. There is a certain list of requirements which are applied to each our services . First, application developing and web site design should be impressive, innovative and eye-catching; it will make your company outstanding and presentable. Second, Software and web site should be user-friendly as the users should feel comfortable and be sure that they are taken care of. To boost the profitability of any business you should have the keys from software and web site Living in the modern world is very difficult, you shouldn’t stand still, you should move toward together with the progress, especially in the Internet sphere. If you want to be an advanced company, you have to develop and improve yourself without stopping.

Desktop Development

Applications that run within the browser and are hosted on a server are increasingly powerful. Google’s application suite rivals conventional Office software, thanks to advancements in HTML, JavaScript, and the browsers themselves. Nonetheless, there are still many situations that call for a dedicated desktop application, a binary that’s downloaded to the user’s computer and executed locally The technology scene in the Windows OS world has undergone significant changes, especially over the last decade, and soft link solution has kept pace with it. We can develop for the Windows Store (aka Modern/Metro applications), for the desktop, or for the web (ASP.NET MVC and/or WCF with REST full services). Most of our Windows projects are written in C#

Web site designing

We offers complete package of web design and custom website development services to help our customers get the best from the internet. Our team is able to represent your organization/corporate image in impressive way on internet world. We design both business and E commerce websites with HTML and CMS design and attractive website template. Our team supplies not only quality works, but also it redesigns existing websites in modern way using latest technologies to match market demand.

Web Development

Soft link solution has been developing complex custom web applications since 2010. We have experience with all popular web technologies and are fully capable of developing tailored solutions when needed. If you have a need for web application development solutions, please contact us.

.Net Developing

.NET is a powerful , versatile, compiled memory-managed software platform, that supports a large number of languages, including C++, Visual Basic .NET, and C#. There are also .NET implementations for many other popular languages, such as Python, Ruby and Scala. .NET’s uses are many: Windows applications, web applications, smart phone applications, and more. Microsoft created .NET from the ashes of COM in response to Sun’s Java platform. A predominant goal in .NET is interoperability. Each .NET language produces interoperable byte code, so utilities written in C# can be used from Visual Basic .NET, for example. Programs may also expose COM interfaces to facilitate communication between components. Windows is the most common platform on which to execute .NET programs, and .NET has access to deeply powerful multithreading and concurrent job processing utilities there. .NET applications can however be ported to run in Unix environments, using the Mono framework. Visual Studio is the most popular, powerful, and efficient tool for developing .NET applications and supports a wide variety of end products. While .NET has always had web development offerings, the more recent ASP.NET MVC framework allows web development closer to the true spirit of the web. The previous generation ASP.NET Web Forms presented a drag-and-drop metaphor, often ignorant of prevailing web standards.

Responsive web designing

As the variety of different sized mobile devices continues to increase, web developers have been working towards a solution for their websites to be fully supported on all device sizes. The solution is Responsive Website Design. Responsive websites use modern CSS and JavaScript code to allow the website to seamlessly adapt to any screen size it's viewed on. This means that your website content will automatically adjust and resize itself to the optimum size and placement for the screen size currently being used. The page content on a responsive website will react to the change in screen size instantly, this means that even rotating your phone from portrait to landscape view will trigger your page content to react and adapt to the new screen dimensions. The way a responsive website's content adapts can take many forms from text and image resizing, to adjusting content placement & even hiding less important content if it's not relevant to smaller devices.

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Discussing your project with our developers is a great way to begin the process. We may be able to suggest tools that will save time or reduce long-term code maintenance costs.


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Softlink solution Softwares respects your privacy and takes all necessary steps to safeguard personal & business information. We will never share your personal and business data with any third party without your permission. Corporate security policies and procedures ensure prevention from misuse, loss or unauthorized distribution of any business sensitive information you share with us.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch with us.

Discussing your project with our developers is a great way to begin the process. We may be able to suggest tools that will save time or reduce long-term code maintenance costs.

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